Research Lines - Ecología

Research lines - Group of Ecology

The research lines of F. Martinez-Capel and R. Muñoz-Mas are summarized here;

  • Environmental Flow Assessment and river restoration. Response curves for fish and aquatic invertebrates. Studies of habitat-biota relationships at microhabitat, mesohabitat and macrohabitat (distribution) scale.
  • Application and adaptation of the physical habitat simulation and habitat analyses in rivers and wetlands of different regions of the globe.
  • Ecological modelling. Statistical techniques and machine learning are used to develop habitat suitability models for native, non-native and invasive fish species, as well as for macroinvertebrate's taxa.
  • Modelling relations between Flow regime and Riparian vegetation.


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Research lines of Eduardo J. Belda

  • Dr. Belda has focused his research on conservation and management of biological resources and studies on evolutionary ecology.
  • Regarding conservation biology he has worked on the impact of fisheries on marine birds, effects of fragmentation on population genetics of endangered birds in wetlands, habitat selection by these bird species and their requirements.
  • Recently he has performed studies on spatial and temporal distribution of marine vertebrates and implications on management, especially focused on the loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta).
  • Another relevant research line comprises studies on population dynamics of birds with long term monitoring, to understand their response to environmental changes.


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Research lines of Pilar Donat

  • Dr. Donat has a large experience as environmental manager, developing projects of management and conservation of biological resources, working in the public administration and also as a freelance. 
  • As a botanist she performs studies on taxonomy, phylogenetics and ecology of mediterranean flora.
  • Another research line is the chemical characterisation of secondary metabolites of mediterranean species, and the ecological factors determining their variability in quantity and quality.
  • She also performs phylogenetic studies of mastofauna.


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